SBS family wishes you all Peacefull Gandhi Jayanti

SBS Fraternity wishes all the Universe Peace and Tranquillity on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka Mahatma Gandhi aka Father of the Nation – Bapu! The ideas, life style, sense of purpose, following what is preached, and a totally uncompromising commitment to the ethical ways where means are more sacrosanct than the end. This awe inspiring personality – which looks too alien in this 21st century – but which urges us look back at his great life and keeps inspiring us in wake of all the vices around us. We salute the Mahatma! His teachings are more relevant today in India and in the whole world – be it tolerance, communal harmony or taking care of the environment – to name just few but life critical lessons for individuals and the society at large.

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