Become a Computer Application Specialist after BCA from SBS

Why BCA from SBS: Career Opportunities After BCA

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a very good course and considering the growth of IT sector year on year, computer application specialists will be in demand and will keep getting good jobs and salary packages. Hope you know that BCA is a graduation course and is actually a strong foundation building course in computer applications. Just on the basis of BCA you can get jobs but they won’t be of good salary package or job profiles. The best course available for a BCA student is MCA. Master in Computer Application (MCA) is an excellent course and large companies are taking MCA qualified candidates in thousands. MCA is a qualification which is a master level degree and makes you a specialist in computer applications. With growing research and technological opportunities in applications, MCAs are in high demand and are getting very good salaries in companies like Infosys, Cisco, HCL, TCS, etc. Apart from these large companies, there are hundreds of medium-sized companies which are also giving good salaries at par with the large corporate groups. We would strongly suggest you pursue MCA full time after BCA. Please do not go for part-time or distance learning MCA, since a technical based course like MCA, if done through distance learning, is not recognized by the industry at the time of selection of candidates. Also alongside MCA or after MCA you can do courses like CCNA Certification, SAP certifications, which will add tremendous value to your resume and also enhance your knowledge in information technology. Also, remember that scoring good percentage in BCA and MCA is very important since good marks will help you get selected faster. If you are not interested in MCA after BCA, you can do MBA Systems or Information Technology from a reputed Institute. BCA and MBA as a combination of qualification is also very good and will help you get jobs in Info. Tech companies

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