Faculty Orientation Program

Faculty orientation
Faculty orientation is part of a long-term investment in a new faculty member. It is an initial process that provides easy access to basic information, programs and services, gives clarification and allows new faculty to take an active role in their organization.
• Introduce new faculty to their new environment
• Make new faculty feel welcome and comfortable
• Retain a pool of new, capable faculty
• Establish clear standards that help reduce disputes and limit liability
• Promote consistent management
• Inform new faculty of Synetic Business School policies
• Demonstrate a commitment to equal treatment of faculty
• Provide protection from claims of discrimination.
Faculty orientation programs at SBS include

An orientation program helps the faculty to understand their assigned duties, terms and conditions of employment as well as the organizational culture. It provides the following information:
Welcome faculty to Synetic Business School
Orientation to SBS:
• Why SBS
• History
• Mission statement
• Goals and objectives
• Organizational structure, e.g. own job description and relationship of position to other positions
• Future plans
• PTU Regulations
• Library Rules
• Scholarship Schemes
• Protocols regarding foreign students
• Marketing activities
• Corporate Social responsibility programmes
• Fee structure & fines
• Co-curriculum activities
• Academic and non academic committees
• Student counseling

• Highly qualified experienced faculty
• Bus Facility
• Cultural, Sports activities and NSS facilities
• Hostel facility
• Focus on skill development and practical knowledge
• Regular industrial visits
• Guest lectures by eminent personalities
• Educational and recreational tours
• Smart class & labs equipped with modern technology
• Many scholarships schemes available.
• Free 45 days Summer Training, Industry Visits and Personality Development programmes.
College policies and procedures,
• Dress code
• Reporting procedures
• Smoking restrictions
• Expense claims
• Operating telephone system,
• Who to call for repairs
• Operating official Emails
• Contact Details of Academic and supporting staff
Explanation of benefit package
• Casual Leaves,
• Earned Leaves
• Sick leave,
• Holidays
Tour facility and work areas:
• Introduce faculty
• Identify amenities, e.g. washrooms, shower
• Explain emergency procedures
• Identify safety equipment
Describe job responsibilities and performance expectations
• Review job description
• Review pedagogy standards
• Discuss applicable legislation
• Provides syllabi
• Introduction to office manuals.

Finalize employment documentation

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