“A drop of Water is Worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.”

Water is a very important element which constitutes the entire world. Nothing can exist in the absence of water. It is time to wake up. Every drop of water is a source of life. It is high time we realize that water sources are not permanent. Soon, we as a family, society, and nation will be struggling to get a drop of clean potable water.

SBS College conducted an Activity regarding Water Conservation, Students from various classes participated in this activity. Mr. Ajaypal Singh ( NSS Coordinator) & Ms. Vandana (Cultural Coordinator) delivered a lecture to students on save water save life.

Dr. Zafar Zahir, Managing Director, SBS said “We have to train new generations to adopt an eco-friendly way of life. I believe that if this message is spread by every guru, teacher, dean, the parent we can definitely stop harming ourselves with our ignorance.”

Let’s stand together to save Precious Water.


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