Condolence to Mr. Mandela

Nelson Mandela endured great personal hardship so that others could be provided with dignity, equality and opportunity. He fought discrimination and inhuman exclusion, but rose above bitter divisions to heal and reconcile a fractured nation. His life and work made him a citizen of the world, he said “India, in particular, had great affection and regard for him. His mission was a great inspiration and moral bulwark for our principled struggle against apartheid.”
For decades, President Mandela provided South Africa and the South Africa Development Community Region with hope, inspiration and impeccable leadership in the struggle against apartheid, colonialism, exploitation; and his achievement of reconciliation. To millions of people, he was more than just a man. He was a symbol of the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and dignity not only in South Africa but throughout the world. His selfless sacrifice inspired freedom loving people in all corners of the world to relentlessly fight for justice, freedom and human progress. He leaves us with a legacy and great vision to attain greater wellbeing for the people of our region.



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