This is for the kind information of all Foreign Students that FRRO Department have revised the fee of visa extension and Registration fee. Detail is as following
S.no Purpose Fees(Rs.) DAYS/Rules
1. New Registration(On new visa) 100 Within 14 days of arrival
2 New Registration(On new visa) 1900 after 14 days of arrival
3. Re-Registration
(converted hand written visa into online visa paper) 1800 For old students
Registered in
4. Registration
(transferred from one college to another college) 5100 Fee of migration from one college to another college
5. Visa Extension fee 5100(First tym Visa extension) Valid for one course
6 Visa extension fee 600( who already pay Rs. 4500 1 time fee for whole course) 1 year or less
7 Visa extension fee
(After visa expired) Rs.5100+fine according to days Late fee of visa extension

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