Consortia formation of NGOs & Mobilizers under Zyan Education Trust

SBS will be working with Apex Cluster, Ludhiana for this project which is sponsored by the world bank. The objectives of this project will be;


  1. To make a database of available female/ male operators (trained or untrained) from rural & surrounding areas who are interested in working with Knitwear core & allied industries.


  1. To arranging placements as and when required by the industry.


  1. Signing of  MOU  with different Trade and Business Associations ,  Industries  for manpower requirement. ( Annexure – )


  1. To create a  portal to  provide information about this activity &  to popularize the data  base.


  1. Signing  MOU  with NGOs, charitable institutions  for providing Manpower  to cater the needs of the industry.


  1. To create a database of  1000-1500  operators to meet the objectives.

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