Today SBS Paid Tribute for Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh

Martyrdom Day Of Shaheed Udham Singh 2018

Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh is observed on 31 July 2018. Udham Singh was a great Punjabi freedom fighter and revolutionary and was well-known for the shooting of Sir Michael O’Dwyer, the Punjab’s former governor. Shaheed Udham Singh Foundation of North America, a non-profit organisation, conducted the 76 Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh. Several eminent speakers attended the day and spoke about the life history of this great nationalist Udham Singh. The day began with the igniting of a lamp. Poets read their poems. The incident called Amritsar massacre profoundly affected Udham Singh when he was young.

Early Life Of Udham Singh

Udham Singh was born in Sunam on 26 December 1899. Tahal Singh, the father of Udham Singh, was a watchman in Upall, a village nearby Sunam. At 7, Udham Singh lost his father and mother. He was then admitted to the Central Khala Orphanage on 24 October 1907. In 1917, he lost his brother Mukta Singha. He passed his matriculation in 1918 and left the hostel as well. Udham Singh attended the Jallianwala Bhag on 13 April 1919 where a serene gathering of people was shot. Thousands of people were killed. This incident deeply disturbed his mind and made him fight against the British.

Jallianwala Bagh Event

More than twenty thousand people gathered in Jallianwala Bhag on 13 April 1919. The event was aimed at logging a guard against the expatriate rule of British in India. Udham Singh was serving water to the public with his friends. With no prior intimation to the public to depart, Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer ordered a crew of more than 90 armed soldiers to attack the public. The people assembled there tried every possible way to escape from the attack that persisted for 10-15 minutes. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands seriously injured.

Udham Singh As A Revolutionary And Freedom Fighter

Udham Singh turned out to be a committed revolutionary at an early phase of his life. He travelled to many countries to accomplish his ultimate objective. In 1920, he moved to Africa and Nairobi in 1921.He was back to India in 1924. Udham Singh was actively involved in the Ghadar Party. He spent more than 3 years in revolutionary events in the United States of America and was detained at Amritsar for having unregistered arms. He was freed from jail on 23 October 1931 and was involved in revolutionary activities in the Punjab to for three years.

Udham Singh Shot Michael O’’Dwyer

A 40-year-old Indian man featured himself like an Englishman, pulled out a revolver and fired 6 rounds into a gathering. O’Dwyer was shot twice. He died on the spot. Udham Singh then fired Lord Zetland, who was seriously injured. Singh did not try to escape from the crowd, but he was arrested immediately on the spot. This event occurred on 13 March 1940. On 31 July 1940, he was condemned to death. So, India celebrates Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham on 31 July every year. The country is all set to celebrate the 77th Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham in 2018.


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