Program Fee

  1. All fees are payable in lump sum at the time of admission on or before notified dates.
  2. All payments will be made through Demand Draft in Indian currency equivalent to the required fee in US $ with an equivalence certificate from the bank subject to the realization of Demand Draft.
  3. Fees given in the progspectus is only for one academic year.
  4. All fees and charges are subject to revision.
  5. Calculation of the arrears of fees will be governed by the rules given in the prospectus of that year for which the fee is being charged.
  6. If a student does not claim the refund of his/ her credit balance within one year of leaving the University, the amount standing to his/ her credit shall be considered to have been donated to the Central Scholarship Fund.
  7. Security deposit shall be deposited in cash with the cashier in the accounts office.

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