Group Discussion – Per Capita Income Growth Story-How True??

Prof. Manudeep Kaushal
Date : May 01, 2013

Associate Director Prof. Manudeep Kaushal today organized group discussion for the faculty of Department of Business Management. The faculty deliberated and concluded that :

From the data available for the year 2011-12, Bihar led with a growth rate of about 11.8%. Bihar has reported a significant improvement in the standard of living of its residents although the per capita income is still very low as compared to the other states. Under the leadership of Mr. Nitish Kumar the government has shown better governance. Kerala and Maharashtra ranked third and fourth respectively. These states have reported impressive growth. The all Ind ia per capita income growth stood at about 4.65%. The per capita income growth was the highest in Goa and Maharashtra at Rs 8,157 and Rs 5,216 respectively. But what is a matter of concern is that income disparity has increased tremendously. The distribution of income and resources is highly skewed at certain places.

The faculty agreed that the we have moved away from the prosperous years and our expectations of double digit growth has remained on the papers. Government must invest on improving infrastructure to sustain the growth.

Views from the students are solicited.

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