Synetic Business School Organised Literary Conclave 2013

As many as six hundred students from various schools and educational institutions of the city participated in Literary Conclave’2013 organized by Synetic Business School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana in the premises of the institute. It features various events such as Debate, Declamation, Essay Writing, Mock Parliament, Paper Reading, Poetry/Story Writing, Painting and also sports events such as Carom, Chess, and Table Tennis.

Ranking for various competitions was decided by the Independent Judges. Mr. Rajan Sridharan (Associate Professor, GNIMT), Ms. Gurpreet Kaur and Ms. Narinderpal Kaur for Debate and Declamation, Ms. Narinderpal Kaur (Sr. Lecturer, M.A., Punjabi ) and Ms. Paramjit Kaur for story writing/Poetry Writing/Painting and Essay Writing.
Dr. M. A. Zahir, Chairman of the institute, Mr. Roshan Lal Arya, General Secretary of Ved Prachar Mandal and Mrs. Sarla Sharma (Promoter and founder of Adarsh Vidalya Sr. Sec. School) addressed the students. Mr. A.A. Kathuria, Deputy Director before Mock Parliament briefed students about various provisions of the Constitution of India in particular of Part V from Articles 52 to 151.

The stage was controlled by Dr. Manudeep Kaushal, Associate Director of the institute, assisted by Ms. Karamjit Kaur, Assistant Professor and Mr. Tony, a student from Uganda. There were total 55 winners in various activities, out of which 8 winners were from Ryan International School, 11 were from Darshan Academy, 6 were from Mai Bhaggo Sr. Sec School, 4 from Mukt Vidhya Mandir and remaining from other schools / institutes.

Topics Given for Poetry writing competition were Damini and Life of Riddle; for Essay writing competition were Religion fighter- Guru Gobing Singh Ji, Moral values in modern era and Symbol of Nation-Hindi; and for Story writing competition were- Soul, Another Birth and Character and the competition was held in Hindi, English and Punjabi Languages.

The lunch for students was sponsored by Ved Prachar Mandal. Synetic Business School every year provides platform to students from various schools, colleges and other institute to demonstrate their abilities in their field of literature, cultural and sports activities. Few months back the institute organized 7 days Sports and Cultural event and it always endeavour to provide the opportunity for exploration of excellence among students in various faculties beside subjects knowledge.



Paper Reading


  1. Simranjeet Kaur(MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)
  2. Lovepreet Singh(Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)
  3. Lovepreet Singh(Darshan  Academy)


  1. Monika Chaudhary (MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)
  2. Gagandeep Kaur (Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)
  3. Sukhvir Singh(DarshanAcademy)


  1. Paramjeet Kaur(MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)
  2. Kirandeep Kaur(Mukt Vidya Mandir)
  3. Rajbir Kaur(Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)


Story Writing


  1. Chetna Singh (DarshanAcademy)
  2. Rajita Kaura(Ryan International)
  3. Prince Choudhary(DarshanAcademy)
  4. Vineet Tiwari (DarshanAcademy (Consolation)


  1. Shushma (Govt. Sr. Sec. School Dhandari)
  2. Tanisha Gupta(RyanInternationalSchool)


  1. Pratibha (MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)
  2. Ashminder(NankanaSahib Sr. Sec.School)
  3. Jashanpreet Kaur(NankanaSahib Sr. Sec.School)
  4. Harmanpreet(Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)


  1. Bhawdeep (Ryan  International)
  2. Subash Kumar(Govt. sr. SecSchool Dhandari)
  3. Manjeet (DarshanAcademy)
  4. Yuvraj Arora(New Sr.SecSchool) (Consolation)



  1. Tanisha Gupta (Ryan International)


  1. Anju Singla (DarshanAcademy)
  2. Simran (DarshanAcademy)
  3. Karmandeep (RyanInternationalSchool)


  1. Lovepreet Sharma(Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)
  2. Haspreet (Nankana Sr. Sec School0
  3. Navjot Kaur(NankanaSr.School)



Essay Writing


  1. Monika(MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)
  2. Akshay Kumar(Govt. Sr. Sec. School Dhandari)
  3. Pooja Kumari(MataGujriSr.SecSchool)


  1. Karmandeep Kaur(RyanInternationalSchool)
  2. Muskan Choudhary(DarshanAcademy)
  3. Sriya Bhagat(MaiBhaggoSr.SecSchool)


  1. Harmanjot Kaur(Excellent Public School)
  2. Jasvir Kaur(Excellent Public School)
  3. Ravina (Govt. Sr. Sec. School Rampur)
  4. Prakriti Nagpal(Consolation)


  1. Navneet (RyanInternationalSchool)
  2. Gilldeep Kaur(DarshanAcademy)
  3. Kajal(RyanInternationalSchool)


Table Tennis

  1. Rahul Bhatia (DarshanAcademy)
  2. Rohit Kumar(ShiffalyInternationalSchool)
  3. Utkarsh Saxena(DarshanAcademy)


  1. Varinder (Nankana Sahib)
  2. Prabhjot (Nankana Sahib)
  3. Yashika (RyanInternationalSchool)

Carrom (Girls)

1st Prize Excellent School

2nd Mai Bhaggo

Carrom (Boys)

1        Mata Gujri

2        Mukt Vidya Mandir


  1. DarshanAcademy
  2. Mukat Vidya Mandir


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