International Women’s Day

International women’s day will be celebrated at Synetic Business School on March 08. Day long celebrations will be observed in the Campus. Management wishes it to be a great event and seek enthusiastic participation of students and faculty. Following events are being prepared.

Sr. no. Event Participants Faculty Responsible
1 Bhangara 8 Pankaj Bedi
2 Skit 6 Ranjit Singh
3 Speech 5 Jasmeen Kaur
4 Song 3 Amanpreet Kaur
5 Culture Event 3 Navneet Kaur
6 Gidha 11 Gagandeep Kaur

Budget Gagandeep Kaur/Pankaj Bedi Jasmeen kaur

If any student is interested to participate in the event, please get in touch with the undersigned immediately.

Manudeep Kaushal
( Associate Director )

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