S.B.S. on Big 95 FM


The most common audio advertising media is Fm Radio.Placement of an advertisement  on FM Radio  costs about as much as an advertisement placed in a  metropolitan newspaper. However Radio is more dynamic then print alternative because it allows the advertiser essentially to talk with the consumer.Indeed, many small business consultants believe that an entertaining and informative radio advertising campaign can be a major asset. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages of radio advertising , Synetic Business School this year went on air with it’s first ever very professional Big 95 FM advertisement. The advertisement was very appreciated and the institute receive very good feedback from this endeavor. The advertisement was accompanied by R.J. Mension and song sponsorship. This ad striked rapport with the youth of Ludhiana. The USP of Synetic Business School is now well entrenched in the hearts and minds of young generation.


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