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The dynamic business landscape, accelerated peace and growing globalization of business calls for a crucial need for both organizations and executives to continually reinvent themselves. The SBS Executive Training Solutions (ETS) aim to sharpen the knowledge edge and strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations. Our learning methodology embarks upon professional, intellectual and personal development.


SBS Executive Training and Development Programs are specifically designed by its faculty and external experts for the business, government and social organizations wanting to develop their human capital and intellectual property. Two types of EDP formats are available:


Open Enrollment Program – General one to two days training and development programs based on invitation and generally has a mixed audience group. The training is generally hosted at SBS Campus or a neutral venue.


Customised Training Program – Enterprize specific management of training and development at an organisation on various topics and areas of interest. The training program for the contracted organisation is developed based on appropriate Training Need Identification (TNI) and Job Description Analysis (JDA). Based on the size, type and scale of the organisation different types of modules are designed and training is delivered. Please review the SBS ETS brochure for more detail.



  • HR/Soft Skill Development
  • Marketing & Sales Training
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Quality & Productivity Improvement
  • Business & Corporate Strategy
  • Innovation & Change Management



SBS engages its own faculty and subject matter experts (SME) to deliver the training. SBS is fully equipped to conduct training either at its campus or the facility of the contracted client company.


The training is customised and adapted based on industry type – manufacturing, SME, services, telecom, banking, retail, etc.


On completion of each training modules and the full training program scientific feedback and performance improvements coordinates are determined to get the learnings. This helps in gaining confidence of client companies and make improvements for while designing, conducting and delivering subsequent training programs.


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You may download the Executive Training Solution (.pdf) eBrochure

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