Faculty at SBS College
The faculty of Synetic Business School are drawn from a pool of academicians, practioner, industry executive and management consultants. SBS has on its role highly qualified and experienced permanent faculty and visiting/guest faculty. SBS draws in people who have a passion to teach, coach and educate the students the modern concepts, theories and practices. Each faculty member is highly qualified, with doctorates from renownded Indian and Foreign universities. The faculty members have appropriate research, teaching, and consulting experience. Several of the faculty members are recipients of awards for teaching and research, and a few also hold distinguished Chair Professorships. Learning from the esteemed group of faculty will provide students with knowledge and experience that will be useful for their careers.
The founding group of professors under the leadership of SBS Chairman along with other professors from various universities have committed to be part of SBS. In addition, we have visiting professors from other Universities and Colleges of India and USA. The members of the Academic Advisory Council are also activity involved in curriculum development and grooming of the young faculty. Thus, along with the visiting professors SBS has a large variety of academic talent.


The third pool of teaching talent at SBS are the guest faculty from the Industry. These are executives, industry leaders, entrepeneurs, and consultants who provide the pratical aspects of management and expose the students with real world understanding of business management, economics, trade and commerce.


Permanent Full Time Faculty
Permanent Full Time Faculty at SBS


Our faculty comprises of thought leaders and leading researchers whose expertise and passion for innovation create a one-of-a kind learning environment. SBS draws faculty members with diverse backgrounds who have in-depth experience that cuts across all industries and functions. This depth and breadth of experience creates a rich environment for education and inquiry.The faculty, best in Ludhiana, are noted scholars in the academic and business world and regularly receive top honors for their research and professional service.
Specialized Visiting Faculty
Specialized Visiting Faculty at SBS


SBS is in the business of changing perspectives. Our visiting faculty, who are at the forefront of every business discipline, aim to make students better thinkers and leaders. The visiting faculty align in the common goals to share knowledge and mentor students, providing opportunities to stimulate intellectual curiosity, broaden cultural awareness, and nurture leadership capabilities.They accomplish the important mission of maintaining the operational support for the high quality standards
Guest Faculty
Guest Faculty at SBS


  • Renowned researchers and award-winning teachers
  • Authors and journalists
  • Faculty drawn from retired Army officers
  • Leaders of Industrial Associations in Punjab
  • Consultants and economic advisers to the various professional and government bodies
  • Entrepreneurs and seasoned executives

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