Patronise SBS

Why Patronise SBS?

SBS is managed by a non-profit organization – Zayn Educational Trust (ZET).  Its aim is to develop as a business school of excellence over time as Punjab despite a robust agriculture and industrial economy does not even have a management institute of national repute let alone international standard.

Most privately-funded academic institutions the world over depend on resources from corporations, charitable foundations and alumni to meet their capital and revenue expenditures.

The attainment of objectives of imparting high standard of management education is resource intensive. SBS require resources to attract qualified and experienced faculty, develop state-of-the-art civic facilities at campus, develop library facilities and dedicated wireless broadband facilities for the computer center, etc. and last but not the least earmark funds for undertaking research and scholarships for meritorious students.

You can support the cause of SBS by funding its various activities. As such you become a partner for long term sustainability of professionalism of business leadership and overall development of business and social community.

Zayn Educational Trust 

The Non-Profit Trust works as on NGO Foundation  registered as a Trust, Charitable society and as a registered NGO with Niti Ayog. ZET undertakes various social causes in professionalism of education, providing opportunity to the underprivileged sections of society to move up the social pyramid, undertaking free medical camps, and imparting female empowerment through female hygiene and education workshops. Brief profile of ZET.  

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Funding Opportunity

Zayn Educational Trust is established on fundamentals of imparting quality education through a purpose-build residential campus; hiring experienced and highly qualified faculty; having a state-of-the-art library; offering knowledge-based consultancy support to local industry and organizing entrepreneurship and leadership development workshops and CSR activities as enumerated above.

We have got visionary support from several individuals and institutions but to make tangible progress towards its dreams real financial support is required.

SBS is an autonomous and privately funded institution – a voluntary collaboration of academicians, industry and practicing managers/professionals. This is an opportunity for you to be a part of this dream and contribute to this endeavor through a series of funding options that will help SBS in:

  • Completion of academic building, equipping the library, installing IT infrastructure.
  • Developing Centers of Excellence
  • Creating Chairs for eminent academicians
  • Hosting Lecture Series by world renowned speakers and academicians
  • Awarding perpetual Scholarship schemes for meritorious students
  • Organizing Management Contests and Case Study program
  • Sponsoring Student from underprivileged sections of society 


You can be part of this societal goal, by funding the activities at SBS in several ways:

  • By ear-marked donation for specific activity such as building of Auditorium, Canteen, Student Common Room, etc.
  • By creation of endowment funds for scholarships, academic chairs, etc.
  • By general donations that goes to the SBS corpus fund to be used for students welfare, improving infrastructure and inviting foreign faculty.

The facility developed with the funds donated by you to SBS may be named after the donor’s company name/brand name or any individual name as wished by the donor. For further detail please contact the Managing Trustee at

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