Teaching and Learning

SBS has a unique opportunity being new and not being directly associated with any single university.First, most existing institutions carry a legacy of curriculum and systems finding it difficult to change at rapid pace in tune with the changing business landscape and faster evolving business environment.Second, it gives SBSindependence to set a curriculum that delivers what the business world requires and constantly upgrades and updates it. Third, SBS endeavors to provide needful training and consultancy to corporate world and social organizations.


SBS has strong interaction with the industry which not only makes it distinctive amongst the management institutions in North India but also add a lot of zeal in curriculum preparation, deliverance of knowledge and ultimate absorption of its students in the corporate world.


SBS carefully chooses it full time permanent faculty and has a program to invite experienced guest faculty from Universities and Colleges. Moreover, industrial owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals also form part of the rich pool of guest lecturers. This helps in bridging the gap between theory and practice.


Areas of Operation

SBS areas of interest goes beyond classroom learning. It is not merely a b-school that churns out students with paper degrees. SBS aims to change the lives of those associated with it through offering teaching, research, training & development and consultancy services.

These four distinct areas make a synergistic whole – where sum of parts is greater than the whole – hence enabling live adherence to SBS name and vision.


Explaining Management


Learning Model

SBS aims for innovative programs that guarantee Knowledge-Skill development and inculcating Soft Skills that the corporate requires.




Curriculum Development

SBS general curriculum and course content is developed keeping in mind the needs of an evolving market where the requirements of the employers, the industry expectations, technological landscape and customers expectations are constantly changing and becoming more demanding. The syllabus of the foundation subjects and specialization streams are designed as open-architecture that is dynamic and upgrades to the demands of the changing times.



The learning experience at SBS does not form of just classroom lectures. Case Studies and Seminars; Interactive Workshops and War gaming form a regular part of the curriculum. Regular Industrial Visits are taken to demonstrate to the students the practical aspect of business and implementation of management concepts and theories in real life situation to better appreciate the classroom learning and imbibe the concepts, challenge them and use in future career


Giving a Real Feel

The students and faculty are encouraged to undertake real life projects and class assignments. There is engagement in research and consultancy projects that is not only intellectually fulfilling but also brings in additional income. Guest Lecture Series is organised where industry stalwarts are invited to share their experience and ideas with the students and faculty.

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